Introduced to computers at the age of 5, had the first webpage at 8 and started programming at 12. Currently developing full stack software in Javascript and Typescript. Extremely passionate about what I do and constantly aiming to succeed. Interested in education, public speaking, self-hosting software, OSS, and singing.

I had a band and you can find me on Twitter and listen to my music on Spotify & Apple Music.


what i do

what i work with

apr 2017 - present
Full Stack Developer Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon

Técnico is the largest school of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal, involving a community of over 10,000 people.

• Joined to support and develop custom WordPress plug-ins.

• Took part in the development of several Node.JS/Vue.JS applications.

• Lead the change from WordPress-as-a-CMS to a headless installation. Using a custom-built API and moving our sites to Nuxt (SSR Vue.JS) helped achieve a quicker page load, better responsiveness and user satisfaction. We achieved low-latency response times with response caching and ElasticSearch.

dec 2016 — may 2018
Chief Information Officer Limpa-m'isto, Lisbon

Limpa-m’isto was a cleaning company acting as intermediary between clients and companies while keeping a unified image and brand.

• Responsible for the move from Excel spreadsheets to a MongoDB database, a stateless backend written in Loopback.js (a Node.js framework) and an administrative interface in Angular 2.

• Simplified overcomplicated processes and tailored solutions to improve retention and customer satisfaction.

mar 2016 - nov 2016
Full Stack Developer Audiomate

Audiomate’s goal was to revolutionize web advertising through audio ads either in web stations or podcasts.

• Responsible for the development of the client and administrative areas (made in Bootstrap, jQuery and PHP) and a DAAST-compliant ad-server in Node.JS for user targeting and audio ad serving.

Instituto Superior Técnico
BsC in Computer Science and Engineering